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We offer the features that create a perfect home and a number of different floor plans to choose from. The 3-story, riverfront property has studios, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms for sale. Please see our availability list for all condos for sale and rent, or contact us for all details pertaining to our condo homeowner’s association fees and property taxes.

Dakota Coral Gables provides concierge service and parking. Being in the business for many years, we have the experience and expertise to know what the buying process is. Eateries and bars can be found all along the avenue, office buildings just add to the urban jungle of glass and metal. Dakota Coconut Grove is within minutes of walking to anything you could want or need. The Dakota Coral Gables offers condos for sale that are modern, well-maintained for professionals, business executives, and families that are looking for city life with a great neighborhood feel. Coral Gables real estate has changed over the years and the Coral Gables condo market has been on the rise with one high rise after the other.


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Dakota is truly a state of space and wildlife. From relaxed pace of life to National Parks, South Dakota has lot more things to go for. Real estate of South Dakota is a steal because of the cheapest prices of the land. If you are looking for all modern conveniences and busy streets of the city then definitely this place is not for you. And, if you are looking for an honest and relaxed place then South Dakota is the perfect place for you.

The city of Dakota Coral Gables, Florida is one of the towns that make up the greater Miami area. This city is well reputed and offers a high standard of living than the other cities around Miami. The people who live in this area names this place as “The Gables” and it boasts some very interesting demographic statistics and lends some beautiful insights. It is credited one of the first planned communities in Miami, Florida.

In South Florida, Dakota Coral Gables is one of the well-known and prestigious cities and was designed in early 1920’s. This city was founded by the real estate developer George Edgar Merrick and has proven one of his greatest accomplishments. With a vast number of multinational corporations and foreign consulates choosing to have their offices located here, this city is a “Gateway to the World” not only the “Gateway to Latin America”.

In the schools of Dakota Coral Gables, the international culture of this city is apparent. The schools are run by the Miami School District and so the majority of schools cater the development of foreign languages.

In the case of real estate, Coral Gables is known as one of the most desirable areas of Florida. With a number of exclusive gated communities, it offers multiple choices that anyone can afford. Currently, it has hundreds of condos ready for sale in the market in the budget of a common man. If you are looking for these condos then is the perfect place for you. Visit the website today to inquire about the questions in your mind.


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